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Manhole Adjustable Riser Logo adjustable manhole riser on existing manhole The Manhole Adjustable Riser is a patented system of interlocking cast-iron sections which bolt together to form a custom-sized manhole riser which fits into the original ring and raises the manhole cover to the level of the new surface.

gas valve riser

Manhole Adjustable Riser Co. provides municipal and utility lid risers for gas, water, sewer, electrical and telephone valves. We custom build each manhole riser and utility riser out of durable cast iron to meet your specifications.

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Manhole Adjustable Risers are:

  • Strong and Durable - made of Cast Iron/Grade 30
  • Easy to order - just three measurements needed
  • Easy to install - only one person and simple tools needed
  • Available in all sizes - 1" and up rise, 17" to 48" diameter
  • On time - delivered with just 4 days lead time (24 hours in emergencies)
  • A liability reducer - they install just before asphalt lay down
  • Supported - Manhole Adjustable Riser Company will support the product whenever needed

Manhole Adjustable Riser Company will supply completely assembled manhole risers and utility risers, ready for installation!