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Manhole Adjustable Risers are unique from other manhole risers or manhole frames because they resolve many manhole and gas/water valve adjustment problems DURING street repair or resurfacing rather than after.

Manhole Adjustable Risers are unique because the like manhole lids, our manhole risers are cast iron so with seasonal temperature variations, the cast iron components have the same rate of thermal expansion. Competitors' rolled steel manhole frames and plastic risers often fail because of thermal expansion. The cast iron manhole risers are designed to stay in place against the asphalt in all temperatures.

The Manhole Adjustable Riser ring fits inside of the current manhole, immediately adjusting the height of the hole. The manhole cover can then be immediately reseated on the hole.

manhole adjustable riser manhole frame on exsisting manhole

Figure 1

manhole adjustable manhole frame on exsisting manhole

Figure 2

Using patented technology, the Manhole Adjustable Riser overlaps the "lip" of the existing manhole (Figures 1 & 2), locking an extension in place which then holds the existing manhole cover. Gas and water valve risers (Figure 3) work in a similar manner, with the existing cover fitting directly into the utility riser.

gas valve riser

Figure 2

The Manhole Adjustable Riser Way

The Other Way

street construction area with manhole cover removed manhole cover during street repair

Manhole covers can be replaced immediately after installation of Manhole Adjustable Risers and before resurfacing is complete, reducing liability.

Manhole covers cannot be replaced until after resurfacing is complete using "the other way," causing traffic problems and increased liability.

street construction area with new adjustable manhole riser and manhole cover in place open manhole after street repair